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Welcome to R&L Metals! Florida's largest family-owned recycling center! We are taking your scrap metal 6 days a week, while giving you top dollar for all your ferrous and non ferrous materials. We offer commercial recycling as well, and even pick up material from the job site!

Spanish from The Cowhead Show takes a swing on the R&L Metals Scrap Van at The Bone Online Fishing Slam!

"The Bone Online Fishing Slam

Currently, scrap metals are at some of the highest prices they have been in decades! At RL Metals, we buy scrap metal of all shapes and sizes, providing you with a way to dispose of your old stuff while paying you money!

Commonly Recycled Items

  • *Aluminum (Aluminum Cans!)
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  • *Brass
  • *Steel (i.e many house appliances!)
  • *Iron
  • *plus more!
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